Living in the Shadows of the Oil and Engine Air Filter: The Cabin Filter

Your car's cabin air filter may be the last thing you think of when prioritizing your maintenance checklist. Many car drivers think more about their oil filters and air filters, and some do not know that cabin filters exist. There might be times when someone asks you if you ever change the cabin filter in your car, and you reply "what is that?"

Most cars and trucks have been equipped with cabin filters since the 2000s. Normally located on the passenger side of your vehicle behind the glove box, cabin filters improve the quality of the air inside the interior of your vehicle. Outside air comes through your automobile's HVAC system, and the filter helps reduce the number of pollutants that enter your car or truck's interior.

If you are unsure whether your cabin filter needs changing, or you are not sure where it is located, come see one our automotive professionals today at Beloit Auto & Truck Plaza.

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