Safe Costumes for Halloween

One of the significant factors that make Halloween the fun night that it is are the costumes. Everyone looks forward to the costumes. Days are spent deciding and designing the scariest costume. The creative and daring people go extreme extents to come up with a unique costume. All this is fun -- after all, what would Halloween be without the costumes?

At Beloit Auto & Truck Plaza, we advocate for people to rock their outfits with caution. Safety of a person is paramount. Studies show that more kids are involved in road accidents during Halloween than any other night. This can be attributed to some of the costumes that some people wear. Wearing a dark costume that cannot be easily seen is a risk factor. It is advised that one should wear an outfit that is visible. If it is a dark outfit, it should be embellished with some reflective parts. Also, face masks are highly discouraged when one is walking on the streets. The masks interfere with one's sight, so opt for face paint instead.
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